Mary, Mother of Monsters

a full length play
[4 characters]

Mary Toft was a woman in 1700’s England who became infamous for birthing rabbits. Doctors believed her, midwives believed her, townsfolk believed her. Physicians throughout the country came to see for themselves. And many supported her claims. But not everyone did. She was persecuted and ridiculed. But she held true to her story: While toiling in the field, she became mesmerized by a rabbit & went on to become pregnant, but come delivery, she produced various bits of rabbit.

Jackalopes are a taxidermy trick - stitching antlers onto the head of a dead rabbit. A couple pranksters invented a cryptid, a new mythology. But all dead creatures were once living.

This is a play about love & medical abuse & shaky realities & carrotcake.

Read more about Mary Toft.
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Read more about systematic oppression of Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and East Asian humans via medical professionals.
- Read more about the US government’s current genocide via forced sterilization of immigrant women. 

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