The Wind Doesn’t Blow Here

a 90 minute musical written with Lydia Breckon
[7-12 treble voices]

Loviatar is the Finnish goddess of Death. Treated as a mythic footnote, Finnish mythology treats her like shit. She is raped by the wind, exiled from her home, forced to birth nine children, and they are denied baptism. In response, she unleashes her children upon the world as disease and carnage. Afterwards, Finnish mythology calls her an evil witch and forgets about her.

In this show, she lives on. With her children [the Little Destructions] and a human [Aisha] in tow, we break down this myth and unravel the trope of the scorned woman.

How do we exist once we’ve been deemed evil?
How do we process tragedy that keeps coming?
Can we become more than what we’re forced to be?
How do we love someone who hates us? 

Script & demos available on request!